An enchanting horse-story written by Charlotte Bingham

An enchanting horse-story written by Charlotte Bingham

As I am fond of both horses and books, I couldn't resist while seeing the beautiful cover of this one in a book shop.

When Kathleen finds a mare in foal, despite the fact that she and her father can barely afford to feed her, they take her in. Tragically the mare dies, leaving an orphan that they name The Enchanted. As the young horse grows up among Ireland's lush pastures, Kathleen loses her heart to him...
But as Kathleen has always feared The Enchanted must be sold. Rory James and his father take a chance on the little horse in the hope of improving the fortune of their run-down racing yard. But luck does not run Rory's way when The Enchanted mysteriously sickens. It seems that only Kathleen can help. And it is only under her care that The Enchanted is able to live up to his name and astonishing things start to happen to all those around him.

Since I started reading this book, I just couldn't put it down for five minutes. The Enchanted was (sorry for this easy play-on-words) an enchanting story which seduced me from the beginning, when the heroine Kathleen finds a pregnant mare wandering on an Irish beach which is going to give birth to a lovely foal before dying...

Saddened by the death of the mare, Kathleen will take care of the orphaned foal, which will be called The Enchanted. His relation with the young girl is very touching – especially for animal lovers sure, but it is going to stir every reader up – and the horse himself seems to be very special... But Kathleen's parents have to sold him, because they can't afford keeping him in their little farm. This very moment, when the horse is taken away from the girl, is really heartbreaking, just as the following pages and chapters.
Away from Kathleen, the horse gets ill and doesn't seem strong enough to live on in his new home. As the girl seems to be the only one able to cure him, she has to go where The Enchanted is, to give him the chance to triumph on the racetracks.

Relations between humans and horses are so beautiful and so well described by Charlotte Bingham that it becomes obvious that she is also a great horse lover. The characters are loyal, devoted, truly endearing, and the story line is delightful: how can possibly an undersize and orphaned foal defeat all kinds of adversity, on the racecourses and elsewhere?

I found the story original and exciting and loved the fact there were those funny replies everywhere, The Enchanted is definitely a must-read for all the horse lovers. But don't forget to have the tissues handy, you cannot remain unmoved by this book!
The only negative thing that could be said about this book is that the story is quite predictable, we can guess what is going to happen and not many things remain unexpected. But actually, I did not really mind about it because I found the story too touching to regret this lack of suspense.

The Enchanted will certainly make you find your heart of child back. If you love horses and don't mind to read more than 500 pages, don't hesitate any longer, you are obviously going to be enchanted by this beautiful story...

by Laurie