Discover the -sometimes shocking- extremes of the New American Food Culture

Discover the -sometimes shocking- extremes of the New American Food Culture

Dana Goodyear is an American journalist and poet, writing for the New Yorker. Anything That Moves is her second book published 2013 and is a joyful exploration of the foodie world in the United States.

Goodyear did not exactly write a novel, this book is more a collection of essays which previously appeared in The New Yorker. She is very well documented, the various sections of the book are well researched and it is very interesting to read. Many subjects are discussed: food history, ecology, folklore, agribusiness, humor and horror, the reader discovers many things about food and practices related to it, out of the kitchen.
Even if this book isn't a "real" novel, we cannot deny that Dana Goodyear is a very good storyteller and knows how to awake her readers' interest. Some facts are quite unbelievable and unforeseen, and the whole book is really entertaining and fascinating.

"I don't think I've ever used the word disgusting as a compliment, but here goes. Goodyear's riveting, hilarious, disturbing, and downright disgusting new book is the perfect antidote to a Martha Stewart Thanksgiving. This journalistic thriller, set among the culinary avant-garde, is all about dangerous eating. A rose-haired tarantula spider roll. Frog fallopian tubes. And the most extreme: an unhatched chick, eaten whole. But this story isn't meant to gross you out; it's a window onto a world of chefs, purveyors, farmers, scavengers, and gonzo foodies."
—Dani Shapiro, More

A reading every foodie is going to enjoy!

by Alexander