Drake comes under the spotlights with Nothing Was The Same

Drake comes under the spotlights with Nothing Was The Same

Catapulting to fame after his duets (and nightlife dramas) with the famous Rihanna, we could see Drake drink champagne in his Grammy Awards, acting in the TV series Degrassi, partying in LA or NYC high class nightclubs... but we barely heard solo songs from him. Nothing was the Same is yet his third studio album.

And this album is pretty good, venturing from real hip-hop sounds to bittersweet R'n'B. Drake shows he is a serious rival to Jay-Z, Kanye West and the others great US rappers. Indeed, it's a good start for him because Nothing Was The Same is the second highest first week sales of any album in 2013 with more than 658000 copies, just after Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience (with sales of 968000).

The Canadian was surrounded by the best of rap artists to produce and record this third album: there are here featurings with Jay-Z,  Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland and many other famous rappers. Success was not due to pure luck, which we can guess with the two singles released from the CD, Started From The Bottom and Hold On, We're Going Home.
Drake may not have revolutionize his music, but he improved some imperfect details and took some audacious risks in order to produce a higher-quality sound, which would make him gain credibility to those who still considered him like the outsider of the US rappers.

Aside from the two singles already released, other tracks also stand out - in a positive way. Pound Cake, featuring Jay-Z, is more than seven minutes long on a psychedelic background and Drake proves he has reached his mentor's level. Special mention for Wu-Tang Forever, which is a kind of tribute to the Wu-Tang Clan and contains a sample of their track It's Yourz.

Nothing Was The Same seems to mark Drake's dawn to the pantheon of US rappers. The young man (26 yo) has now his place in the sun and the audience seems to have answered the call... it remains to be seen whether his future records will confirm this trend.

by Laurie