Friends With Benefits: Crazy, sexy and fun !

Friends With Benefits: Crazy, sexy and fun !

Friends with benefits is at first sight a romantic comedy like many others. Sex, humor, emotion and voila. Except that in this movie, the young director Will Gluck has an additional advantage : a brillant cast led by Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.

Yes, because for me the key to a successful romantic comedy is in the main characters. And the couple formed by the singer-turned-actor Justin Timberlake and the beautiful Mila Kunis is perfect. Their acting is very good, the lines are funny and then it must be said... Both are damn sexy and endearing !

But Friends with benefits does not only count on its cast... The film is very funny, we often smile and sometimes, we lough out loud. The hour and a half goes by very quickly, indicating we do not get bored and there is no downtime.
The movie, in addition to make us think about the relationships between men and women, make us travel. Indeed, some shots of New York are simply beautiful and makes us want to join our two lovebirds in the Big Apple.

Friends with benefits is nothing revolutionary, but updates the romantic comedy. Actors are hyperconnected on their smartphones and tablets, they communicate on social networks, play the latest games console and even organize flashmobs. In the end, Will Gluck gives us an excellent comedy and we do have a good time.

by Thomas