Pacific Rim is THE summer blockbuster !

Pacific Rim is THE summer blockbuster !

Awaited for months by millions of viewers worldwide, Pacific Rim is now in theaters. The director Guillermo del Toro gives us an impressive blockbuster, that I suggest to see on a giant screen to take advantage of the titanic clashes between giant robots and aliens. The story tells how huge monsters, the Kaijus, sparked a war that has claimed millions of victims. To fight these robots, Jaegers were developed. They are controlled simultaneously by two pilots who communicate telepathically with a neural bridge. Among these drivers, we found Raleigh (Charlie Hunnam) and Mako (Rinko Kikuch), who will form together the last bastion of humanity against an increasingly imminent apocalypse...

Pacific Rim is without doubt the most ambitious movie of the summer. The staging is simply outstanding and action scenes are breathtaking. Fighting between the Jaegers and the Kaijus are impressive and completely immersive thanks to excellent special effects. This is also, to my eyes (you'll notice the pun!), the first film since Avatar that offers a truly successful 3D.

However, the scenario could have been improved. Pacific Rim begins in the most beautiful way, with a short introduction, which plunges us into the world and makes us drooling over to see Jaegers face the Kaijus. Unfortunately, the much anticipated fight happens much later, after a (too long) part, that is only used to justify the presence of Raleigh and Mako. But when the battle begins, no time to get bored, the eyes are wide open to admire the real show.

The cast is rather surprising for a blockbuster of this magnitude. Del Toro chose not to hire any renowned actor, probably to let the first place to the towering monsters and robots. The main actors therefore suffer a bit of a lack of charisma and credibility, which is reflected in the few emotional scenes. However, the supporting cast fulfill their function well, including Charlie Day, who is particularly funny.

To conclude, Pacific Rim is a great blockbuster, driven by nice special effects. The scenario is not surprising but the purpose of such a film is not to surprise by his story but to thrill the audience in spectacular battles, and there the contract is largely fulfilled !

by Johan