Ready, Fire, Aim!, T. Mills' first studio album

Ready, Fire, Aim!, T. Mills' first studio album

Travis Tatum Mills (better known under the pseudonym T. Mills) is a real phenomenon among American young adults. He releases his first studio album Ready, fire, aim! juggling between rap and pop, acknowledging he got his inspiration from Kanye West and the hip-hop band Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Very controversial, he is criticized for his often vulgar straight-talk and the bad example he gives to the young Americans.
Even if these have already seen almost everything, the young pierced and tattoed rapper, chain-dope-smoker does not please to the early Puritans. While some do not like to hear it, the young artist managed to make his own place next to the biggest rock and metal bands on the stage of the famous Vans Warped Tour, above all created by the skateboard and BMX brand Vans for punk-rock artists. Despite the reprimands of many haters, T. Mills grinded on and even did a European Tour in 2012.

Ready, Fire, Aim! includes rousing and raving titles, corresponding to the young man and expressing the deepest of the thinking of many of his male congeners. In spite of the lyrics and raw expressions, considered as immature by some detractors, girls are huge fans from the songs She Got A... or Stupid Boy, the first released single. T. Mills sings about sex, drugs and parties, advocating "do whatever you want whenever you want". But the rapper is not only adding vocals to a repetitive and overwhelming beat; each of his songs is mixed on another electronic arrangement, which quality is - according to the genre - quite impressive when we know it is his first album.

One thing is sure: T. Mills won't please anybody, especially not the parents, but he has the merit of being original and of setting apart of the others by producing an energetic and unprecedented mixed sound.

Watch the official video of Stupid Boy, first single of the album:

by Laurie