Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, succesful duo in the masterpiece Gravity

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, succesful duo in the masterpiece Gravity

Everybody spoke about it, praised the movie, I saw it everywhere but had only watched the trailer and... to be honest, it hadn't convinced me. Special effects seemed to be good, I knew the actors would do it well but I doubted that this movie could do them justice. Well, let's say that "only fools never change their minds", because I was truly bowled by Gravity.

First pictures of the movie: we meet our heroes in space, wandering in the atmosphere out of their space shuttle Explorer. At least, we get right to the heart of the topic: only five minutes are needed to understand that things are going to get complicated. Everybody seem to be relaxed, the spacemen are laughing together and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney), almost retired, keeps sharing personal and absurd stories to his colleagues when he is stopped by Houston. A control officer tell them that space debris from a Russian missile strike on a defunct satellite caused a chain reaction of destruction and that they must abort the mission.
Choc is extremely violent, doctor Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is thrown hundreds of meters away from the shuttle, not managing to correct her trajectory. Kowalski is going to come help her, always using his charm and humor to improve the atmosphere. Explorer is completely destroyed, the two last survivors have to go to the Russian station to call for help and hoping to go back on Earth.
But another debris field is coming, ready to hit them again...

First good point: the cast. Producing a big-budget movie with only two actors might be taken as madness. But George Clooney and  Sandra Bullock are astonishing, they don't need anything or anyone else. They both carry the movie on their shoulders, and their duet works perfectly.

Special effects are breath-taking. Even if we still feel the ground under our feet, it seems like we are propelled to the space, head in the stars. Views on Earth, big cities lights, cloud formations, Aurora Borealis take us for an incredible journey. It is a great show, a real one, unlike any we have ever seen.

Alfonso Cuaron succesfully met his challenge. Gravity makes the viewer think about life, attachment to Earth and to our human habits, which seem to be trivial but are so unreachable once you are 600 kilometers above the Earth. We realize that our little common problems (like the cell's dead battery) are nothing compared to the problems we could meet up there, when we are alone (like the shuttle's dead battery...).

Gravity is a must-see movie, if you don't suffer from vertigo or are afraid of vacuum. Because this movie is clearly going to make you hover and get you light years away from here. And for once, 3D is a real bonus!

by Alexander