Selfish Machines, huge step forward for Pierce The Veil

Selfish Machines, huge step forward for Pierce The Veil

Selfish Machines was released in 2010 and is the second studio album by the Californian band Pierce The Veil. Always considered as a "background band" compared to other post-hardcore groups, Pierce The Veil struck a blow with this second album and made themselves a name on the scene.

The first distinctive feature is undeniably Vic Fuentes' voice, which release something pure and innoncent and is very recognizable. It perfectly fits the band's music style, and the singer knows how to use it to make it sound right.
The first song, Besitos, especially Tony Perry's amazing piercing guitar work, remembers us of Mexican or Hispanic sounds (which could be seen as a kind of tribute, since the Fuentes brothers -singer and drummer- come from Mexico). Following tracks are very stunning and energetic, and fans often consider Caraphernelia as one of the band's best songs ever. This track was written by Vic Fuentes after he broke up with his girlfriend Cara, and the singer himself knew from the beginning he wanted Jeremy McKinnon (singer of A Day To Remember) to sing with him on this song, to provide it some heaviness with his deep screams, contrasting with Vic's cute and nasally voice.

Some songs may be a bit less rousing, but there are very strong tracks on this opus, such as The New National Anthem or Bulletproof Love, a poppy and funny song which was also very appreciated by fans.
But one of my favorite songs on this album is Million Dollars Houses (The Painter), written for the Fuentes' father - even if some others consider this song as a misfire... I absolutely don't.
The album's last track, The Sky Under The Sea, is also a great track, with both great instrumental and vocal parts.

Selfish Machines is very thoughtful and a great achievement for the quartet, who made a huge step forward and asserts itself as a great post-hardcore band. This album was hitting on repeat a few years ago, but Pierce The Veil has now proven its worth with the release of its third album Collide With The Sky and their fanbase growing worldwide...

by Laurie