Skrillex renews electronic dance music

Skrillex renews electronic dance music

You may have known him under his real identity, Sonny Moore, as he was the singer of the post-hardcore band From First To Last, with which he released two albums in 2004 and 2006. Having gained many fans and a certain level of fame through this first experience, despite his young age (he was only 16 when he joined the band), he decides to launch his own solo career in a totally different musical genre: electro music. Taking on Skrillex as a stage name, he quickly demonstrates his effectiveness with his first EP My Name is Skrillex in April 2010, before releasing the excellent Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites six months later.

Bangarang is already the fourth EP of his solo career, released in December 2011. Reconnecting with the dubstep sound that propelled him to the forefront and which he largely contributed to diffuse (and to make recognized...), Skrillex signs with the breathtaking Bangarang a compendium of electro-bouncing hits, rousing and completely hallucinating. But if you want to listen to it, even if Skrillex tries to be more subtle than with Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, you'd better not be allergic to 220 bpm rhythms or to psychedelic melodies (which are often repetitive). The first title of this EP, Right In, is a minimalist introduction which sets the tone of what is coming next, just as if he retained the big cat before freeing it in the arena. But rest assured, this self-restraint will be short enough: the track is followed by Bangarang and Break'n'Sweat, which illustrate all the power of Skrillex's music and are the proof the young man managed to evolve in the right direction since his beginnings. Further on the album, Kyoto is just as spectacular. Right On Time is a somewhat more massive track, not sharing the same "finesse" than its neighbours, while on the opposite, Summit (featuring Ellie Goulding, who is none other than the famous DJ's ex-girlfriend) could almost be melodious.

N°1 worthy dubstep spokesman on the international stage, Skrillex also greatly contributed to the development of this musical genre in 2010, Bangarang shows that dubstep can also be more worked on, less "boom-boom" it was used to be. To mark the occasion, the DJ also signed an astonishing collaboration with the band The Doors on the title Break'n'Sweat (watch the video below).

Bangarang will delight all Skrillex and dubstep fans (like me), but will tend to remain sceptical people who love rawer or more violent electro sounds, and will probably be the cause of a hair-raising attack for those who were already reluctant to electronic music. However, Bangarang's tracks are already common in night clubs... proof that Skrillex is approved by a majority!

by Laurie