The 1975: Manchester's rock phenomenon takes off

The 1975: Manchester's rock phenomenon takes off

The band was created in 2002, but it had to wait 2012 to finally sign a contract with an independent British label, Dirty Hit, and settle on a name, The 1975. Since a few months, this name slowly arises and appears on blogs, websites and music magazines. They even signed for their American distribution October 2012, and their first headline tour in the USA took place this Fall.

The four British from Manchester set up the band when they were only 15 and used to do small shows in bars and clubs of their town. Their first EP Facedown was only released August 2012, short before the second, Sex, November of the same year. A British tour followed then and last until Spring 2013.
Going one step further, the four musicians released two others EP: Music For Cars in March 2013 and IV in May ( that they may make up for lost time?) and go back on the road and on stage, doing among others openings for Muse or  The Rolling Stones.

Their first "real" album was released September, 2nd 2013 and includes a reworked version of Sex and the hit Chocolate. It is really pleasing and easy to listen to, which could reassure those who thought they were another "one hit wonder" band that only seduce because of the physical appearance of their members. Well, we have to admit that they are quite pleasant to look at, but they don't make too big a deal out of this and stay a bit mysterious, which makes us focus on music. 
The voice of the singer Matthew Healy is very enjoyable to listen to, sometimes enchanting, sometimes rousing, always genuine. Regarding the instruments, some songs are a bit more unskillful, without being catastrophic either. Rock and electronic sonorities sound well when mixed together, and despite the band's various musical influences, it succeeds to make a coherent package out of its album.
Lyrics investifate various themes as discovery, sex, love, drugs, death or fear, all quite redundant in the universe of rock.

The 1975 proves with this first album that they are a cohesive and very stable band (its line-up didn't change since its creation eleven years ago, which is quite rare in the world of rock music), on which we'll have to reckon in the future. Let's hope they will stay as prolific in the upcoming years as they were in the past months, and that they'll keep improving their sound.
Anyway, the band has here a first album of high quality, which bodes well for what is coming next!

Best tracks: Chocolate - Girls - Sex

by Laurie