The 20/20 Experience: 7 years of waiting for that?

The 20/20 Experience: 7 years of waiting for that?

After focusing on his film career - with some success (The Social Network and Friends with Benefits in particular), Justin Timberlake is back in the studio 7 years after the excellent FutureSex/LoveSounds. His new project, The 20/20 Experience, is an album in 2 parts, the first of which was released on March 15. The second will follow on September 30. With such a long wait, Justin Timberlake made him desired and The 20/20 Experience was definitely expected. Let's see what it is...

An uneven disc

The first two singles released were promising. Suit & Tie is well produced with its retro brass, Justin sings well and Jay-Z's rap verse brings a real breath of fresh air to the song. Mirrors is a love song like Justin knows how to do well, certainly not a classic but still a good R'n'B song. Timbaland, producer of the entire album (he was already the producer of the previous one), has done a good job. The productions are neat but are not really innovative. Too bad, a little innovation would have been nice. There are good songs in The 20/20 Experience. Special mention for Strawberry Bubblegum, a mid R'n'B-mid electro ballad, which is my favorite track of the album. Don't Hold The Wall and its eastern and African sounds makes us travel and have a good time. Let The Groove Get In sounds like a Jamiroquai song, with groovy Latino influences. But the rest of the album is quite mixed. The first striking thing is its length! Around 70 minutes for only 10 songs, it is long, sometimes almost overpowering...

Justin's come back to music is fun. But people who expect to find big hits like What Goes Around, Cry Me A River or Sexy Back will be disappointed. The 20/20 Experience is far from being a classic album, although it still has some songs that are worth listening.

by Thomas