The unapologetic Rihanna releases her 7th studio album

The unapologetic Rihanna releases her 7th studio album

Seventh album in a seven-year career... the Barbadian star is rather prolific! True jack of all trades, Rihanna goes from dancehall reggae in 2005 (with hits such as Pon De Replay or SOS) to pop-rock and dance sounds added to a leather and vinyl look. Her previous album Talk that Talk already leaned towards electro and R'n'B sonorities, emphasising the fact that the woman was a bad girl (she advocated it herself).

With Unapologetic, Rihanna wanted to prove she could master a wide range of musical genres and also assume her naughty girl aspect. Some songs of this new album are already hits on the radio and in nightclubs, such as the pop-ballads Diamonds and Stay (feat. Mikky Eko) or the electro-smash Right Now (feat. David Guetta, attempting to imitate Skrillex's dubstep sound). But even if this last one is often broadcast in the clubs, it does not really stand out of the other latest hits. The song Nobody's Business has been very controversed by the fans and the critics, because it gives to Rihanna's rowdy ex-boyfriend Chris Brown a place on her album. Direct reference to Michael Jackson, the title itself is taken in the King of Pop's song The Way You Make Me Feel; moreover, the rhythm also reminds us some of the artist's
pieces. And at the end of the album, No Love Allowed - in line with her former success Man Down - reminds us of the rasta-Rihanna from her earlier albums... new hit for the upcoming summer?

In spite of some inescapable hit, most of the tracks on Unapologetic are boring after just one listen, we always hear the same repetitive and irrelevant beat. Which is really bad for the young singer we were used to hear and see everywhere we went, in our car or in the clubs. But can she really be faulted after all? She is still the one who had managed to come up with more than thirty unforgettable hits in less than eight years...

Watch Diamonds' official videoclip:

and listen to Right Now, the dancefloors' hit feat. David Guetta and Nicky Romero.

by Laurie