We The Kings put the sun in their CD case!

We The Kings put the sun in their CD case!

We could have guessed it with the album's title alone, but let's make sure the record is clear: Sunshine State of Mind is an album filled with sunshine and happiness. We can already feel the summer, endless parties, walks on the beach, outings with friends, we can even hear the waves lapping and feel the sun burning our skin. Yes, so much.

Si you didn't know We The Kings yet, I won't blame you: I discovered them by chance during a festival... and totally fell in love with this band which really isn't like any other. But it is now time for you to fill the gap and to familiarize with the red mane of the singer Travis Clark.
We The Kings is described a "powerpop" band (combining pop and alternative rock), was founded 2003 in Florida and could well be the heirs of the Beach Boys. Beside their song Check Yes Juliet which was certified platinum and the shy beginnings of their fame, We The Kings mainly owe their notoriety to their live shows on the stage of Vans Warped Tour, one of the greatest touring festivals in the US, but also to their shows for the first part of Simple Plan's worldwide tour. Even if the boys have already released three studio albums, they spent most of their time on the stages of the whole world.

Band's texts mostly deal with love issues (past stories, early ones, love under in all its possible forms), sometimes with funky parties, but always on a rousing rhythm which erases all of our problems. On top of the list, Say You Like Me is a fresh and essential song which is highly representative of the band's spirit. The songs Friday Is Forever, Over You or Every Single Dollar also have this particular and funny bounce. Ideal if you need some morale booster! Some tracks like Kiss Me Last have some more pronounced guitar riffs, just as some tracks of their previous albums did.
Even if its musical technicality is not highly developed, Sunshine State Of Mind is very pleasant to listen to and is going to seduce a very broad audience. After all, what makes the charm of this album and makes you want to listen to it again and again is its fresh and innocent side.

Sunshine State Of Mind may have been released in 2011, this album (the band's latest one) is timeless and we don't get rid of it. Two years later, it is still a faithful companion for Summer, a must-have in your car radio and on your iPod, smile and happy mood guaranteed!

Here's the crazy and nutty video for Say You Like Me, looking like a life-sized video game... Stunning!

by Laurie